Raising Coalton

It's been five weeks since we brought Coalton home! He's now 13 weeks old and over 20 pounds. With every passing day, we see more of his personality developing and blossoming. He's a sharp contrast to Grayson and Weston in many ways - Assertive, daring, and bold in ways that the other two boys aren't. He without a doubt has the strongest, forceful personality of the three. 

Grayson has a passive attitude towards Coalton - He's happy to sit and watch Coalton run around the yard, but only rarely engages him in play. He doesn't dislike Coalton's presence by any means, but he isn't one to seek him out. Grayson had this same attitude initially when we brought Weston home. It took a bit of time before he really bonded to Weston. Once they were hiking together, he seemed to bond to him much more easily, so I'm looking forward to hitting the trails with all three of them!

Weston, on the other hand, has completely and entirely adored Coalton since day 1. He's constantly looking after him, grooming him, checking up on him when he's resting.

He's bonded to him very quickly and easily (which is why it's almost always Coalton and Weston playing together in my IG stories). Weston has an openly loving personality and will bond hard to almost anyone who pays him attention. He's extremely playful and is happy to have another dog around to match the same zeal he possess. Weston's also substantially more active than Grayson, so while Grayson is happy to nap quite a bit during the day and evenings, Weston is not and prefers to be playing ceaselessly. One of my favorite parts of having Coalton so far has been watching Weston love and adore him. Coalton's presence brings a good balance to Weston and Grayson's existing relationship - When Grayson is tired of playing and wants to be left alone, Coalton is more than happy to occupy Weston for the rest of the day. 

This week it's been warming up quickly around our home. The temperatures will reach as high as 85° by this weekend, so we pulled out the kiddie pool and filled it up with water for the boys. We've noticed that Coalton has an affinity for water, just like his brothers. Once we started adding water to this pool, he was completely smitten. He alternated between rolling in the fresh sand (we're doing some yard renovation) and burying his face in the water. It turned into a wet, muddy day, but the boys had a blast and kept cool! 

In the coming weeks, we will be teaching Coalton how to swim. Last summer, we spent most of our free time in the pool since it's the only activity that can keep the boys cool enough in the summer. Grayson and Weston both learned how to swim around 16 weeks of age and have been excellent, motivated swimmers ever since.

They start in a life vest, which removes the sinking sensation that causes panicked feelings and distress. Without feeling stressed, they're able to develop an appropriate paddling technique, without slapping the water like so many dogs do when inexperienced with swimming. When using the life vest, Grayson and Weston were both able to master a strong swimming technique within a week and have never needed the vest since!

While we miss the cold weather, I'm looking forward to summer activities - Maybe I'll even be able to coax Coalton onto the SUP with me like Grayson has been willing to do. At any rate, be ready for plenty of swimming pictures to make appearances on our feed!