Valley of Fire, NV

The desert can be an unforgiving place, especially in the warmer months. Filled with cacti and venomous reptiles, it requires constant awareness, especially when hiking with dogs. It was 75 degrees the day we took the boys out, which is still quite hot for hiking, so our time in the area was limited.

Now that Weston is four months old and has completed his shots, it's absolutely essential that we get him outside and work with him. Luckily for us, it's been a relatively easy task. For the most part he's glued to Grayson's side and follows his lead. Grayson has been exposed to many environments and distractions, so he is no longer phased by the passing lizard, or even, snake.

The trail we ventured this time is called Rainbow Vistas: A short, dog friendly trail that features a variety of colors of sandstone formations and other landscape features - hence the name. It's lightly trafficked for the most part and is an excellent area for any experience level. The views are truly stunning.

We had only made it a few hundred yards onto the trail when we saw our first snake, although it was a nonvenomous variety. We did see over twenty lizards during this hike or varying species who were entirely undisturbed by our presence; One even ran directly towards the dogs. When hiking in an area like this, I keep the dogs close to me on leash (even though I photoshop it out in pictures later). Rattlesnakes are extremely common in the area and allowing dogs off leash in this area is risky. During the hot hours of the day, snakes can be found in the shade of vegetation, so be alert and don't let your dog poke his nose into places a snake could be relaxing.

There are many other trails in the area and campgrounds, making it a fun destination to camp or pass through on the way to somewhere else. The entirety of the park is dog friendly and the trails are extremely dog accessible. I wholeheartedly recommend seeing this stunning, unique, and diverse landscape!