Raw Fed Living

I wanted to take the opportunity to address a few questions that I've been receiving frequently on social media. Many of you are curious about what I feed the pups, why I choose to do so, what benefits they reap, and how you could potentially get started yourself.

As you may or may not know, both Weston and Grayson are entirely raw fed. I switched Weston over to a raw diet as soon as he came home with us and Grayson began eating a raw diet in January of 2016.

Prior to feeding raw, I fed a variety of "5 star" rated kibbles with success! I researched their food, I researched where it came from, and I researched each ingredient. I was proactive and I placed great importance on feeding Grayson great food. My perspective on dog food changed in November of 2015 when Grayson had his first seizure - A terrifying and world shattering experience, honestly. I can't describe how painful it is to watch someone you love go through a Grand Mal seizure; I'd never felt so helpless. For a few months, Grayson was fine, but then he had another seizure, and another, and another. I'd been carefully keeping notes on his seizures: What happened before hand, how long did they last, how long was his recovery period. Research was overwhelming. There are SO many potential causes and triggers and I was determined to find his. This is when I decided to switch to raw. You see, there are many different food sensitivities that can trigger seizures. The best way for me to test this was to limit the number of ingredients Grayson was consuming and also introduce new ingredients individually. Raw solved this problem for me. I also wanted to feed him a food that I knew would support a healthy immune system.

As time went by, I became more and more careful about what Grayson was exposed to - Certain ingredients, pesticides, toxins, etc. I'm extremely cautious and aware of where I take Grayson, what he's exposed to, and what kind of flea and tick preventatives I use on him, as they too contain many harmful substances. 

Now, in regards to diet, I believe that diet has the potential to assist and heal a variety of aliments, including Grayson's seizures. I knew feeding him raw would support and nourish his body, but I also added raw fermented goat's milk - an excellent probiotic that helps him absorb and make use of all the good stuff in his raw food. I also added fermented fish stock - a great source of healthy omegas that reduce inflammation and can support healthy brain function. Finally, I added Nupro gold - A vitamin and mineral supplement. 

Grayson has had 7 seizures in total. Slowly, the amount of time between episodes began lengthening. Now, it's been over six months since Grayson's last seizure. I cannot know that he won't have another, but I am hopeful and pray for him feverishly. I attribute our success with managing his episodes to avoiding potential triggers as best we can and also keeping him on a diet that supports good health and healing. This is my own personal opinion.

I should mention, Grayson was never put on seizure medications - His seizures were never close enough to one another to warrant this. The results that we've had have been achieved without the use of medication.

Grayson's raw meals come from Reel Raw. Please see our "info" section for a coupon code.

Thank you so much for reading! Please continue to keep my boy in your thoughts and prayers as we hope for continued success in managing this condition.