Weston's Arrival

Getting Weston from Panama to Las Vegas turned out to be quite the endeavor. He was originally scheduled to fly to Las Vegas and would have arrived at 11 pm Wednesday evening. Due to issues with customs, we changed his flight to Los Angeles and planned on picking him up Wednesday afternoon at 5 pm in California. Unfortunately, Weston didn't make it to his plane and had to take the next flight out. He arrived in Los Angeles Wednesday at 11:50 pm and was released to us at 1:30 am. We made the 4 1/2 hour drive back to Vegas, where I had to quickly change for work, and work throughout the next day. Exhausting!

The good news is, Weston made it safe and sound and has been settling into his new home. He absolutely adores Grayson and mimics everything he does. He also loves playing in the sprinklers and rolling in the mud. We're currently transitioning him on to a raw diet, which he has been very excited about. He is crazy about the raw meat!

Yesterday we gave Weston his first bath here. He was extremely well behaved and cooperative. It turns out that there is a super tiny puppy under all that fluff! He had major zoomies after bath time and proceeded to dirty right up again, but it's the thought that counts!

This morning we took Weston to the vet, where he received a clean bill of health. He is 13 weeks and 26 pounds.